What's new in Tom's eTextReader 1.9.1 (Beta)


Redesigned title/author display on the title page. Also, 'additional information' (from annotation) is now included here.
All these fields now accept \n to force line breaks.

The active color scheme is remembered.

Book style: The paper edges now look prettier with high screen resolutions.

Book style off: The background color is only used for the book pages, not the menu area etc.

New option to hide the mouse pointer after a delay of 5 seconds. The pointer reappears with the next activity other than turning pages with keyboard or wheel.


Autoscroll now deactivates the screensaver.

Progress bar

The progress bar can be positioned vertically between the two book pages.

The progress bar can show a preview of the first 5 lines of the respective page.

If the progress bar is positioned below the text, a progress percentage is displayed to the left and - optionally - the clock to the right.

Jump files

Jumping from file to file in the current directory isn't done blindly anymore: After pressing e.g. Ctrl+Page Down you see a file list showing which file will be opened when you release the Ctrl key. You can step through the list (faster when pressing Shift), change directories, or abort without opening a file.

The list shows file names, file sizes, ratings (if any), as well as annotation (i.e. synopsis ...) or a file preview (click or press space) below the list.

Keyboard control

F11 toggles the Full screen view (like Ctrl+Enter and the middle mouse button).

Copying with Ctrl+C (or 'Copy' in the menu) now removes single line breaks, whereas Ctrl+Shift+C leaves the line breaks as they are currently displayed on the book page.

Ctrl+Shift+S: Save without changing the current file (useful e.g. for exporting to pdb without opening the pdb file at the same time).

Quick find mode: Even after searching, additional letters are appended to the Find text as long as the Find dialog is visible.

Mouse control

Mouse wheel support for turning pages has been added.

The middle mouse button toggles the Full screen view (like Ctrl+Enter, F11).


Movie entries in the Favorites list by holding 'Alt' while dragging an entry with the mouse.


PG Browser

Completely redesigned user interface.

Status 'LEDs' in the download selection list.

Preferences can be changed in a separate dialog.
This includes selection of an http server from the official mirrors list (which can be updated online).

Author names and titles are parsed from the combined info in GUTINDEX and stored in the respective book info fields; in case that parsing produces unwanted results, you can also edit these fields.
Optionally, the additional information and a source link to the PG website can be stored, too.

Useful local file names can be generated from the parsed and/or edited author and title information.

When 'Index info' is checked, the introduction and appendix included in the index file(s) GUTINDEX.* are displayed in a new window. There is a lot of useful information about PG ebooks in general and about the book index (e.g. the day of the most recent update, see the second line).

Alternative Open dialog

Press Ctrl+Alt+O (or AltGr+O) to see a file list similar to the one from the 'Jump files' feature, but without having to hold the Ctrl key and with additional possibilities like browsing the directory path and finding text in the file names.


A 'Clipboard' control bar with Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons has been added (the corresponding shortcuts have already worked before).

Selecting 'Save' or 'Done' in the Editor now also invokes the Save dialog, so you won't forget to save the changes.

There is a new context (right click) menu that allows you to insert/remove lines, to remove single line breaks, and to use a bookmark.

The Find and Replace fields now accept \n to represent line breaks (CR-LF).

Find in files

Combine two phrases in a search (and/or).

The second column in the results list now shows the context of the first occurrence of each phrase.


Find dialog: When pasting multiline text into the Find text field, all line breaks are removed (previously, everything after the first line break was discarded).

New import option: Remove empty lines before/after text (previously, they were always removed).

TOC - 'Header contains' field: If the text is enclosed in quotation marks, only exact matches (case sensitive, including space characters) are valid.